Monday, September 15, 2008

On our way out...

The night we were leaving Benin, we decided to have an ice cream supper at one of favorite has been 10 days since these pictures and that means 10 days without my husband!! We have all missed him so much. As I type he is in the air somewhere between Cotonou Benin and Paris. We will welcome him home tomorrow night and we can't wait!! Families were meant to be together!!


ABL said...

ICE CREAM SUPPER?!?!?! Now that sounds like my kind of meal!

I know you will all be so glad to get your hubby/daddy home and hear about the last part of his trip.

I've loved all of the snippets about your trip on your blog. Glad you are home safely and hope to see you guys soon.


Jan Kelley said...

man alive. If a place here served that much ice cream, it would quickly either have the richest owners in the world, or they would go out of business because of the hugh helpings they served. Glad you all had an opportuity to enjoy this event. I know you are now welcoming Randy back into your arms and he is getting and giving love to you all. Thank you, Lord.