Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tori and Timothy

These 2 are so much fun and they really enjoy each other so much! They were great company and travel partners. Here are a few scenes from last week. Be sure to click on the collage and make it larger. I am trying to share pictures every day because we have so many. At some point I will share more thoughts from the journey. I am processing daily in my mind and it is all so good! There will be updates on Village of Hope coming soon as well. Good stories and great needs. Stay tuned.

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Jan Kelley said...

I just now realized i have missed some of your posts. These pictures depict a brother and sister who obviously love each other with a delightful passion. What a blessing in a world where there is so much emphasis put on "take care of number one and i am number one". You and Randy are doing such an outstanding job with these precious children. Thank you for posting. love you all so much. jk