Thursday, September 18, 2008

Our family has been sweetly reunited! There is happiness in our home.

I am presently working on my talks for the ACU Lectures next week. I will be speaking Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning at 8:30. I am going to be sharing about adoption and specifically about how real life adoption stories remind us that we are God's Adopted Children. I will be sharing our adoption journey over the three days. I would love it if you would remember this in your prayers this week as I am preparing and next week as I share. Our journey has been an amazing walk with the Lord. He has led us gently on this path and we see his glory. I want others to see it! It is my prayer that people will see the Lord and that this testimony will cause all who hear to trust him more. He is in every detail even when our eyes cannot see!! Wait on him. He is faithful.
Expect Blessing!


ABL said...

I'm coming to lectureships and look forward to hearing you speak. I know that so many people will be blessed and inspired by your story. I'm praying for you as you finish preparing.

Jan Kelley said...

kelly, i thank you so much for givng me the opportunity to lift your name to our Father in prayer. I will pray for this week of preparation and next week for the delivery of your message of trust, faith, hope and love realized. I am so proud of your willingness to be used and to serve even though you have full time mother responsibilities, full time wife responsibilities and you also have jobesponsibilities outide your home. Blessed one, i love you so much. jan

mindy said...

What a joy to pray for someone I love so very much! I know you will be such a blessing to those who hear you speak. Enjoy...and so happy you're all together again!