Sunday, September 14, 2008

Our African Family

The following pictures are the mother, brothers, sisters and children that welcomed us into their lives when we left our own back in 1999...our bonds are deep...the reunion was sweet and immediate...not a minute wasted! Precious time. The first night we arrived, we went to our hotel, had dinner, took showers and went to bed. Not 10 minutes later, Laurance called and said she was downstairs in the lobby. We all 4 got up, dressed and headed downstairs for a wonderful 2 hour visit! I have missed Laurance SO much. I have ached for her friendship and my kids have missed her daily presence in their lives as well. What a blessing to be with her again!

These three children are Lael's full siblings..our time was so sweet with them!


Jan Kelley said... of the sweetest words inour language. Jesus is our friend who sticks closer than a brother. What a testimony fo the power of friendship between our earthly brothers. Such sweetness. thanks fo rsharing.

Jan Kelley said...

i wrote another post but somehow it was lost. In it, i speak of the wonderfullness of you all hearing that Laurance was waiting down in the lobby. I would love to have been able to view that reunion. I feel i would have teared up mightily. What a sweet relationship and what a sweet gift she was to you and you to her and your girls to each other for the whole time you were there. I loved Lauraunce and i never met her. I am so very glad that you all were able to reunite here on earth. Just think how wonderful Heaven is going to be when all of our "Lauraunces" will be waiting to see us in "the lobby". Blessings abound. Thank you so much for posting and for all of the pictures accompanied by such sweet words of love and gratitude. i love you so very much and am so proud of you and your family. jk