Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fun memory made!

We kicked off the weekend, Friday after school by heading straight to the movies. We met Aunt Becky, P & B, and sweet Eden to see High School Musical 3! It was a blast! I have loved all 3 in the series. This one was just as enjoyable. Having all of our kids there did make for a few distractions and runs to the restroom...oh well that is to be expected and just means we will have to see it again! Loved every minute!


Donny - MarketingTwin #2 said...

Next time you go see HSM3, invite Kendra because with 3 boys over here, it ain't quite on our radar. I think we watched HSM1 with Tori on a sleepover one night over here... it looked fun.

Sounds like a fun memory! Tell us about the conference on Saturday too.

Jan Kelley said...

What fun. I remember having fun with my sisters and our children. Precious memories. I am a stranger to HSM other than the importance of it to Tory on her birthday. Looks like you all had fun. Sweet Kelly and Becky and your babies. love you