Friday, October 24, 2008

Tori's 4th Grade Program

This past week,the fourth grade class put on a fantastic program. Our family and Precious were able to attend. The program involved reciting poetry and singing songs, some were accompanied with sign language. It was so fun to observe Tori in this setting. Today I had the opportunity to volunteer in Timothy's class and then I ate lunch with Timothy and with Tori. It was such a great day. I am so thankful to be at this new school this year. We love the teachers and the faculty that we are coming to know. The atmosphere is so welcoming to our children and to us as parents. It is truly a blessing for our kids to be in this specific place at this time. I love knowing they are having fun, being encouraged and that they are truly valued. Those three traits in a school create a great environment for learning!


Terrace Crawford said...

Just ran across your blog today online. Thought I'd say hello.

Kendra said...

sweet Tori - tell her Aunt Kendra said GOOD JOB!! Would have loved to have been there myself!

Jan Kelley said...

these are such precious times and oh so busy times., Yo will neer regret the time you take to prticipte in supporting your children intheir school ctiities and accompoishments. Tory looks so proud and the picture of Precious makes it difficult to determine who the chid is. That Suy is a beautiful woman isn't she?

JudyV said...

Love to hear things are going well at school. That is so important. Tori looks confident and happy. I wish I could have been there.

Loved the picture of Timothy in his car, also. He is so much fun.