Monday, October 13, 2008

In Recent Days

I got to go with Timothy on his first field trip to a farm. It was a great time to be with him and to get to know his class. We saw a lot of fascinating farm animals but I think we may have been most impressed with the beautiful chickens. After our recent trip to Benin and time spent chasing chickens (Timo that is), these chickens looked like they had spent time at the local spa! Timo and I both found ourselves talking about those pretty chickens all day long!

Thursday night Lael sat for 4 hours while her hair was debraided, washed, straightened and then rebraided. For the most part she was extremely cooperative. The final product was certainly worth the wait. She is irresistably cute!


Donny - MarketingTwin #2 said...

I love the "pretty chickens" -That's too funny. Oh and when I saw Lael last week, it took her no time to come up to me and say "uncle dondo - look at my hair" all the while flipping it up like she was SOOO proud!!

Amy said...

Just absolutely precious!! She is getting so big!!! Hope you are doing well!! Love you

Jan Kelley said...

Kelly, what a beautiful family you hae. I am speaking of the family i viewed this weekend at catherine's wedding. Lael and Tory were both beautiful and so were Randy and Jonathan. I missed Timo. The pictures o flael on this blog are amazing that that precious little girl has to go through allof that "prinping" although, she is a beauty and she treats me like she cares about me. You all have taught her well. Tory is really growing up. I look forward to sometime when us girls can go out for tea. love you.auntj