Monday, October 20, 2008

Saturday and Sunday

(We attended the wedding of my beautiful cousin Catherine Goode on Saturday, who I did not get any pictures of! That makes me sad. It was a beautiful wedding and we were all thrilled to be there to witness such a special day! Everyone was beautiful and filled with joy, especially Catherine.)

Here is my beautiful Tori all dressed up for the wedding!

Lael and Sweet baby Eden

The final collage is from the Hot Dog Banquet Sunday night. All 4 kids enjoyed participating along with Pate and Benj! Tori was privileged to interview returning missionary Sara Holland from Mexico. Pate had the chance to pray for her. Both did a fantastic job! Tori and Lael carried in a flag and Timo and Jon carried in one as well...and Pate and Benj did too. They all participated in the Hot Dog Choir! This was really fun to watch. This was our first opportunity to see all kids on a stage. They did not disappoint. Randy and I, together with some of the missionaries soon to go to Rwanda, got to share about Africa with the children. This was really special and it is always fun to have a chance to plant a seed in a child's heart that God has a great plan for their life!! It was great to hear the sweet prayers of children. We are confident that the Lord was listening and that He is answering! Harvest Time at Richland Hills is our favorite time of the year...a time to think about the world and the people that God created with love and with a purpose, and missionaries that have responded to his call to GO and share the love of Christ with people who otherwise would not hear of Him. Missionaries around the world need our prayers, our love and our faithful support. We speak from experience. It is a hard job and a rewarding one. May courage fill the hearts of those who go as the Lord dares their hearts to be brave with faith. May generosity and attentive love feel the hearts and hands of those who send!


Lyndsey said...

Am so glad that (almost) all of you were there and that I got to spend those few minutes with you. They were precious! And yes, your girls were lovely all dressed up for the wedding! Love yall!

Jan Kelley said...

Kelly, you happen to be one of the sweetest woman i know. Words of love flow so easily from your lips and are so strengthening to me and probably to others. It was great to spend time with you at the wedding although as we both know, that time was very short, however, just seeing you and being able to tell you i love you and beinga able to hug you and feel your presence was such a gift for me. I love you and your whole famiy so much. God is blessing you with His loving hand. May He continue to rule in your life all of your days. Blessed be the name of our Lord, the Giver of all that is good. jk