Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Listen In!

As a believer in Jesus and a proud American, I am reaching out to let you know about something coming up!! My husband, Randy and his brother Donny (the Marketing Twins) have the great opportunity to interview Stephanie Brown Trafton, 2008 Beijing Olympic
gold medalist in the Womens Track & Field Competition (Discus).

Stephanie's name is not a household one like Michael Phelps but she has an inspirational story and loves to talk about Jesus. I wanted you to be aware of this upcoming interview on October 8th in case you, or someone you know would want to listen to the interview.
Anyone is welcome to register for FREE and listen in. Required email registration permits access to the conference call dial-in # and passcode.


This is going to be a great interview. We will hear from someone who gave a remarkable perfomance in Beijing, bringing honor with her whole heart to God and to our country! Listen in and expect to be blessed!


Donny - MarketingTwin #2 said...

Kelly, thanks for the mention - it really will be a great and inspirational call. This is not a marketing or sales call so it's open to everyone! We are doing these calls to INSPIRE and ENCOURAGE people and who doesn't need that! Appreciate it!


MarketingTwins-Randy said...

What's really cool about Stephanie is that she can't wait to talk about Christ! She probably would prefer to talk less about the gold medal, but now God has given her a platform for remarkable testimony! Sounds like the "Encore Effect" book we're reading!

This would be great for parents who simply want to hear how to inspire their kids to live with the belief that they CAN do all things through faith in Christ. Also, her life circumstances growing up were not "easy" - she has shown perseverance and now the world has seen the fruit!

Single mom's might enjoy the perspective as well - don't know how much Stephanie will say about that in the interview, but it's my understanding that she received her full support from her Mom!

This is one of those interviews that's really not marketing related at all - simply inspirational!

Spread the word everyone (I know Kelly's readers are eager to share a good word with others!)


Jan Kelley said...

thank you for this opportunity. I dont recall you telling the time of the interview, i will review your post for clarification. If possible, i will want to share this with my precious grandsons. Hope i can figure out how to access thiss. Once again, thank you for this opportunity. Bless you dear one, for you bless me. jank

Jan Kelley said...

i registered. It was easy. Thanks again. jk