Friday, August 01, 2008

Another Assortment of Fun Moments with Great Kids

Tonight after work Randy and I had fun making the rounds around town with these three cuties! We had errands to run and then we decided to try out Planet Burrito for dinner, out in Southlake. Randy and I really enjoyed our dinner. The kids weren't too crazy about theirs but it was still overall a good experience! We then walked around the town square of Southlake for awhile before finishing up at Target.
Before we left the Square, Timothy sat down in the grass to look at the water and invited Jonathan and Lael. They were more than happy to join him! And I thought they were irresistibly precious! We had a great night, all the while we sure are missing Tori. She will not be back until Monday night! We have talked with her everyday and she is making great memories and will have many stories to tell upon her return!!

Yesterday Savannah was here to observe the process of Lael getting her hair done! The process began around 11:30a and lasted until about 2:15p. Lael was going down for a nap and the lady who did her hair suggested that she sleep with a shower cap on. Lael slightly resisted but then went along with it. However I do not think she will be as willing in the future. Her head was so hot!! She woke up with a soaking wet head!! The new do is much shorter but SO cute! Everywhere we go people comment on her hair. Most of the time they initiate these comments. Sometimes they are prompted by Jonathan who follows along close behind and as he greets people, he adds, "Have you seen Lael's pretty hair?"

These three were so cute this morning at breakfast I had to get a picture! These sweet heads melt my heart!

Timothy had his best game ever last night. He had 2 great hits, had the opportunity to slide into home plate and he was ready and alert on the field! We had a lot of fun watching and Jonathan was more than a little concerned that Timothy's pants were so dirty!

If you have made it this far in the post, let me remind you that all tips at The Porch at Richland Hills are going to the Village of Hope through this Sunday! Please give if you can. You can also learn more here

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Jan Kelley said...

wonderful, wonderful times you all are having....i am so happy for you that you all are valuing each characteristic of your four precious children....what joy i receive from just looking at the pictures...and of course the wonderfully descriptive you all.....jan