Saturday, August 23, 2008


We are about to embark on a HUGE week for our family. All four kids will be starting school on Monday. Tori will start 4th grade, Timothy will begin Kindergarten and Jon and Lael will start Pre-K. The tears are continually brimming in my eyes. They are all excited and I am too. They are all nervous and I am too. Tonight after church we drove to both of the schools with the kids and prayed for our coming year at these schools. It was especially precious to listen to Tori and Timo pray for Jon and Lael and then for J & L to pray(short and sweet) for Tori and Timo. As if that were not enough to challenge our family this week, we have added a bit more excitement to the mix. Thursday afternoon we will be leaving for a quick visit to Benin. We are looking forward to seeing the faces of the ones we love so much and left there just over a year ago. Tears are also brimming in our eyes when we speak of this and anticipate stepping briefly back into the life and land we grew to love. Please pray for us any time we cross your mind. We are so thankful for the many generous gifts that have been given towards the Village of Hope. We can't wait to share with these kids and their caregivers the gifts you have given. If anyone wants to give and you have not yet had the chance, or if the Lord has put it on your heart to give again, please make sure your gifts have been given online or directly to myself or Randy by this Tuesday, August 26! Go here to donate online today!
Luke 25:40, " The King will reply,"I tell you the truth,whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine,you did for me."


Becky Reeves said...

WE are praying for you, Randy and Kelly! I wish we could see you while you're on the continent. Know that our prayers are with you each time you come to mind! Love you all!

Herndon4 said...

Wow! What a week! I hadn't heard for sure whether or not Jonathan and Lael got into Pre-K. I'm so glad they did. We love you guys and will pray for you often during this emotional week!

Gramma 2 Many said...

I found you by clicking on random blogs. Am planning a trip to Tanzania most likely in November to visit refugees from Zaire. Have friends in the U.S. who are refugees and their entire family are living in refugee camps in Tanzania. Am a bit apprehensive of the unknown, but am confident the Lord is sending me. If you would like to see what I am talking about, there is a link on my blog under African Refugee. Come take a look and if you have any advise I would be happy to accept it. Will be there for one month.
Hope to hear from you soon.

JudyV said...

Great pictures of the kid's first day of school! I LOVED the one where Tori has her reassuring hands on Timothy's shoulder. Sweet. Timothy looks a little tenative until he gets that name tag! And Jonathan and Lael look right at home in school. They will love all of those arts and crafts! I love Jonathan's open fingers wave. He does that wave all of the time.
We, of course, will be praying for you on the trip and the little ones here. It will be an emotional several days for you all.
Blessings to all of you and to our friends in Benin. I wish I could be zapped in to give hugs and then zapped back out before dinner is served!