Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Tori's Last Summer Baseball Game

Tori had her last game tonignt. She has had a blast playing Baseball this Summer and being the only girl on her team! She has had a great encouraging coach who really loves the game and he has been really great for Tori! She has fallen in love with the sport and hopes to play again and again. Tonight she told her coach she wanted to do something hard and she asked if she could play catcher. It was the last inning of the game and here comes Tori strutting out in full catching gear ready to try out a position she has never even practiced once. Everyone was watching and enjoying her genuine effort and desire to try this out! She did amazing. She caught the ball in her glove several times when the batter had swung the bat...this is especially amazing to me. This would not have been a position that I would have volunteered for, but Tori loved it. Once the ball smacked her in the leg and left a mark. Tonight that mark was a symbol of sacrifice for the game that brought a smile to her face. We are so proud of Tori!!! Timo is in his uniform in this picture just because he wanted to wear it!! His last game is later this week!


Brooks Inc. said...

SO PROUD of that Tori! She looks great in that catcher gear as well! Though it is not important in the game of baseball...she is the cutest thing out there! I love her desire to try hard things.

Love each of these pictures!


MarketingTwins-Randy said...

I was so proud of Tori - I was standing outside the dugout when I heard the coach say "well then get on that catcher's gear and try it" - my heart felt nervous because I knew how HARD this position is - catching, throwing, and alot of up-n-down hustling. She just looked at me and said "I like hard things." So proud of her. (I could tell she was bored in the outfield, so this made sense, but it's still not the most common response you hear from people). I love her work ethic.

I have worked with Tori alot about catching and honestly, she struggles to catch grounders or fly balls - so again, I thought, "is every ball going to get past her?" But she caught so many, and they didn't have a catcher's mit (oversized). Just her regular glove!

I love that she has loved baseball. This was one of Kelly's big sports and I think daughter is following in her footsteps. Isn't she just beautiful?!!!

-Randy, one proud Dad

Donny - MarketingTwin #2 said...

Wow - my niece is a catcher!! That's great. I'll try to avoid calling her the next "Pudge" though!! HA (probably not what she would want to be called ... or I would want to be called either come to think of it! HA)

I'm so proud of her doing hard things... maybe there should be a book about that... hmmm!! :)

JudyV said...

Catcher???? Wow, I am amazed Tori wanted that position. She is soooo undeterred!! And so glad she had such fun in Washington, D.C. with Suzy and Sam's family. She IS beautiful.

Timothy looks like a baseball player...just a lot shorter. His little body just looks like a baseball player.

Jonathan relaxing by the pool is a hoot. He is comfortable in his skin, that's for sure.

Lael's hair is so cute and her smile is infectious.

Thanks for so many sweet pictures, Kelly.

You all 6 look so good and we are still celebrating a year of having you in the states where the kids can be involved these fun things.