Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Eden Elizabeth is here!

At 5:59pm tonight our lives were changed! Eden Elizabeth made her entrance into our world! She is much anticipated and we are overjoyed!! She is 6 pounds, 14 oz and 19 inches long! Eden has a beautiful head covered in dark brown hair! She is exquisite! My mom and I had the sweetest privilege of being in the room with Becky and Tony as Eden arrived. Thank you so much Becky for letting us share in this moment. Definitely one of the sweetest moments of my life to this point!! I am so thankful to DeeAnn Brownlow and Brenda Vick who came immediately to care for our kids so that my mom and I could join Becky as soon as possible!! My Dad, Andy and Jessica came in quickly from Abilene and Baird and we could not quit smiling!! This has been a great day! Becky was amazing, laboring hard all day with an amazing attitude surrounded by six kids. When she finally got to the hospital there was hardly any time left...she got her epidural and she was ready to go! She was admitted a little after 4 and Eden was born at 5:59!!
Be sure to click on these pictures so that you can see precious Eden up close!!

Sweet Big Brothers welcomed their little sister! You may be able to tell from the pictures that Pate is more the observer taking it all in and Benjamin is hands on!!
They were both so precious with their thoughts and questions. They were most concerned for their mommy and why she was in a bed with tubes in her hands and why she couldn't leave with them. Oh my goodness I love these guys!!


Julia said...

Thanks for posting the picutures & update! I just heard the news & was anxious to see that sweet one! After my sister had her first baby a few months ago I realized that there is really nothing as close to having your own child as watching your sister go through it! What a blessing for your whole family. Such a beautiful baby & I can't wait to meet her!

emily anna said...

She is beautiful! Thanks for calling last night!

Catherine said...

YEAH!!!! I wished I could be closer by to celebrate with the family! Thank you for posting so we could see all the pictures! Love you guys!!

Susan @ Blessed Assurances said...

congratulations brooks family! Eden is beautiful!

I will remember you in my prayers during this new chapter of your life unfolds. God bless

Herndon4 said...

Praise the Lord for Eden's safe arrival.

I was showing her pictures to the kids. Ezra was so jealous that Payton got a new baby!

Shelly said...

What a beautiful baby girl!! I love the picture of her sucking her thumb! Thanks so much for posting all of these so we can get to share in your joy!! Praise God for a healthy baby and healthy mama!

Kendra said...

Doesn't is feel so sweet to watch the first breaths of your sister's baby? Nothing like it. Congratulations, Aunt Kelly! She is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I am so glad you were there!