Monday, August 18, 2008

Let's Dance!!

It was a great party!! Lael loves to dance to just about any kind of music! We chose a dancing theme for our fun little three year old! We decorated and played the music and the kids had fun jumping and moving to a fun beat...we all took turns with the hula hoop, played pin the tail on the donkey and took a swing at a disco ball pinata!! This party was LOUD! We are so thankful for the friends and family that came to celebrate Lael! She received a ton of fun presents!! She was a bit overwhelmed by the visitors at first and seemed to finally be warming up when the party was over! She is so precious! We are so thankful that it is in the Lord's plan for her to be in our family! The Lord is working out his purposes in Lael and we are honored and delighted to be a part!! We love you Babygirl!

Randy did a wonderful job with Lael's Disco Ball Cake!!


Jan Kelley said...

precious little snowwhite.....i can tell all of you had a great time...thank you so much for all of the pictues...i love those vaughan kids and their friends.....tell them that their aunt Jan said I love you.....jank

Brooks Inc. said...

You Vaughns know how to party! Love the cake, love the dancing, love the that little Lael! What a gift the Lord gave us in that precious girl!

I praise Him for her life...for these 3 years of wonderfulness and for the all of the years ahead!

Sure love you all!

Wish I could of been there to watch it all in person. Thanks for the pictures!


vicki said...

Happy Birthday, Lael! You are indeed a beautiful princess! I love that creative party theme, and the expressions of joy told the story...what fun!

mindy said...

Happy Birthday, Lael! What a precious little princess you are! Your party looks like it was a hit - I pray this next year is filled with so many wonderful things!

MarketingTwins-Randy said...

A beautiful girl!!! Loved that party!