Sunday, August 10, 2008

One day at a time

Update on Tuesday night....At this point Randy is the only one hanging in there. I have been sick since Monday afternoon and tonight Tori is getting sick...stomach viruses are awful!! Pray health is quickly restored to our family.

I found this picture tonight from Tori's return on my mom's camera and liked it even better than the one I posted last week! Since last Thursday night we have had at least one sick kid in our home, primarily Timo, but Lael and Jonathan have also had some major episodes that involve stomach issues that are best left undescribed!! They all seem to be on the mend tonight. Tori is hanging in there strong and Randy and I are too at this point! May it continue! Randy and I have so much going on right now it is just CRAZY!! Working full-time,tag teaming with childcare until school starts, registering for pre-school for J and L tomorrow and the real deal school for T and T on Tuesday, preparing to leave for Benin 3 weeks from this Thursday, anticipating sweet Eden's arrival at any moment, and trying to maintain joy, peace, and sanity!!! Is it possible? I am sure going to day at a time!!

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Jan Kelley said...

precious ones, one day at a time will always be the best way to handle life situations.....what memories you all are making.....cherish the times...even the up-chuckig time you can minister to your precious chidren when they cant help themselves..even these times are to you all and my prayers too jank