Saturday, May 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Timo!

We all enjoyed a day of celebrating 4 years of life with Timothy Randall Vaughn! The day he was born our lives were changed forever! Randy, Tori, and myself were SO ready to welcome him into our world. We had longed for him and he was the answer to prayers from the deepest places in our hearts. We love him so much and we are confident that the Lord has great plans for Timothy. He is tough and he is tender...a great combination in a man of God.

Today we started out the day with a special breakfast with Timo as "Co-cooker" with his Dad. Randy was making pancakes and Timo was making blue scrambled eggs. At one point, Randy reached over to assist in stirring the eggs and Timo said, "Dad, Cookers don't mess with other cookers stuff." ....wise words from Timo.

One of the pictures above is Tori reading a special birthday card to Timo that she wrote for him. Timo also helped to ice and decorate his own cake. Randy plans to make him a special birthday cake later in the summer in the USA! You see in the pictures above that the kids enjoyed today's cake very much. Tori was very concerned about Jonathan being too close to the candles. She did not think that I was worried enough.

I believe Timothy went to bed feeling worn out from his day but knowing that he is loved and treasured. We are absolutely crazy about this kid! We love him so much our hearts hurt and we love to anticipate the days to come. God's plans are always good and we know his plans are good for Timothy Randall Vaughn!


Randy & Kelly Vaughn said...
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Randy & Kelly Vaughn said...

Timo, it was great being with you today!!

judyvaughn1429 said...
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Judy said...
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Donny said...

How fun!! I showed the tyler and colby the blue eggs and they thought they were cool!!!! (they are going to get along great!!) Tyler was concerned about Timo being "naked" while he made dinner!! HA I couldn't explain that one!! Hee hee

ruypster said...

A wonderful familly!

Greetings from Spain

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Brooks Inc. said...

Boy! What a great day! And...what a great 4 years! That Tim-o has brought nothing but pure joy since the day he was born...He has a couple of cousins that cannot wait to celebrate with a trip to the park!

Love you all! Praying for those fingerprints!