Monday, May 07, 2007


I spent most of the day with Jonathan and Lael.
Randy went on a 4 hour road trip this morning with Tori and Timothy gathering more documents for Lael. Everything they set out to get, they received in record time! We are leaving for Cotonou in the morning and will spend one night there. We will be applying for Lael's Benin passport as well as renewing our Benin visas, which are set to expire next week. We called again today to check on the Fingerprint clearance. Still no word. We are praying we will hear a good word about these before the end of the week. It seems funny that for so long we have been waiting on the Benin process. Now that is done and we are waiting on America!


Cheryl said...

Wow! Alot has been happening! Congratulations on all the paperwork completed (that picture of Lael with the ID card is TOO hilarious!!!) and MANY congratulations to Tori and you for completing second grade. Still praying for the on- going processes of your life right now...
Love you-

Kendra said...

Wow - that Jonathan is a cutie!! Looking good with the DC! Have you converted back???

Hey - we were thinking that surely Sam should have some connection for you at Homeland, right? Can't he pull some strings??? Silly red tape America!