Friday, May 11, 2007

This week we have made 2 separate whirlwind trips to Cotonou ( 3 hours each way). The first trip involved an overnight stay and we took everyone. We returned on Wednesday night and had to return again today! Today Tori and Timothy went with us and Lael and Jonathan spent the day with Laurance at the house. These trips have been to renew visas and work on applying for Lael's Benin passport. We have also worked on phasing out details with our car insurance. As well, Lael had her required medical exam for her visa to America, which she passed with flying colors! We picked up official documents that have been translated from French to English and we attempted 2 different times to get our police record, however the courts are again on strike and this was not possible. An updated report is due at our visa interview. We were told today that we can pick up Lael's Benin Passport on Monday!!! In regards to the documents that we have obtained for Lael 4 out of 5 days this week, we have felt the favor of God meet us everytime! People, some we were only meeting for the first time have gone out of their way to help us. We have been walking in blessing.
The only thing now that we are waiting on is the fingerprint clearance! Once we have this, Lael can have her visa interview!! We are getting SO close!
We covet your prayers for the details that remain!

Tori and Timo at lunch today in Cotonou

When we got home we
received quite the welcome from these 2!
Tonight we are thankful for a safe return from Cotonou and to be together again.
There is great peace in being together as a family in our home tonight.


Donny said...

I just finished saying a prayer for the fingerprints!! Can't wait for God to do his thing soon !! Love you guys !!

Don Box said...

The roads to Cotonou must be smoking hot as you continue to go back and forth, to blaze the trail while cutting red tape and completing more paperwork! Hang in there, more blessings are coming. Don