Saturday, May 19, 2007

THIS IS A RE-POST - Yesterday's post did not allow comments (don't know why). Sorry!

Today we made a day trip to Cotonou to pick up Lael's passport and celebrate Timo's birthday at his favorite restaurant! He turns 4 years old tomorrow!...There will be more celebrations tomorrow, but today we had a great time. These pictures were taken over the course of our day. You will notice my glistening face!:)
It is SO HOT here!

We had already packed away the wrapping paper so Timothy opened his presents grab bag style. He closed his eyes and pulled out a present. He was delighted to receive some caterpillars and rubber snakes, among other things! Boys are so much fun!

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Don Box said...

What joy to have Lael's passport in hand. Benin red tape finally over, USA fingerprints and red tape progress coming soon! Many prayers are being offered for the FBI, homeland security, USA officials and staff who will finally process the immigration visa details. WE place our faith in the awesome God who knows all the details!

Happy birthday Timmo! Love Papa Don