Saturday, May 12, 2007

Sharing Stories from the Bible

A few weeks ago a very special Caregroup from Richland Hills sent over some Hand made Bible story books made by the kids in this group...all of whom are very dear friends of ours and Tori has a special relationship with these kids. Uncle Donny and his family are a part of this Caregroup. He shared with the kids about Tori having opportunities to share God's love with her friends.
This afternoon Tori and I took these stories outside and shared them with her friends. Together we told the stories of each book. The kids loved them. Tori told them all they could take one home and share it with their family and friends. The kids were thrilled. It was Tori's idea to take some individual pictures with the kids holding the story they chose so maybe the kids in Care Group who drew their pictures could see who had their story.
That was a wonderful idea and we really enjoyed the books, sharing them with our own kids. It was special to share them today!

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Kendra said...

I LOVE it!!! Thanks for sharing that! Good job, Tori, thinking to take pictures of the kids. They will be thrilled to see the books they worked so hard on all the way in Africa in the hands of sweet children they've never met, but have been able to bless. Love, love it!!
Aunt K