Tuesday, May 22, 2007

We were asked to put together some pictures of Lael during the year of 2007. We thought they were so cute that we would share them with you.

We are leaving for Cotonou early in the morning for a few days. Not sure yet if we will have internet access so we thought we would post something tonight. We are heading to Cotonou for multiple reasons, to deliver furniture and various items that people have purchased from us, to handle paperwork dealing with the purchase of our car, to potentially have a visa interview, and do some shopping for our upcoming visitors who are coming to bless and support our family and the Aja Christians in our final days together in Benin. We could not be more excited about their arrival!

Our thoughts and emotions are so diverse within the day. We are so thankful to be on your minds and in your prayers at any given moment. Tonight my sweet Tori was really having a hard time processing what is taking place. We had already put the kids to bed and about 30 minutes after everyone else was asleep, she came into the hall and said,"Mom, I can't sleep because I have so much on my mind." I could see the tears in her eyes and so we stayed up and talked for awhile. She is grieving the upcoming loss of her friends. She plays with these friends every evening and has done this for as many years as she can remember. They reenact Bible stories, pretend they are having church, set up medical clinics, wrestle and play hide and seek. Today they held a funeral for a frog they killed. She meticulously watches the clock every day for the hour to arrive when she can go out and play with these 10-12 friends. Tori has already helped put together gift sacks for each one of them. When she thinks of friends in the world, right now, this is who she thinks about. Tonight in her tears she said, "I have 98 friends here and I only have one in America." (Smile) Obviously Tori knows well that she is loved by friends and cousins in America but this statement shows where her mind is at this moment.


Brooks Inc. said...

Wow- I sure love that Tori! I cannot even imagine all the emotions running through you guys!Know that you are loved and prayed for with each passing moment!


Brooks Inc. said...

I should of also added- that Lael could not get any cuter...a living doll!

Can't wait to hold her again!


Kendra said...

Thoughts from Tori make me tear up. Oh, what a process!! Know that so many here are praying and chomping at the bit to help our sweet ones feel love and acceptance, and "home" as soon as possible here! thanks for sharing . .
love you -

Suzy said...

How my heart aches for Tori...I told Paw this story about Tori today and he said, "Does she remember me?!"

Many good friends of all ages await her...I am confident she knows that but it can't stop the pain of saying good-by...I remember my mom saying to me...the only way you don't hurt is to not have the relationship...ture as that is it still won't help her sweet hurt...I am sure the hurt is just part of this journey...my goodness...I am so thrilled to my core that we now and love the Lord who is the One who can and will walk her through these days

Jill said...

We are so eager for your reunion and know that the adults have a bigger picture of this story than precious Tori. How comforting to know that our Father has a bigger picture than any of us.

What a gift Tori has been given. From her earliest days she has learned how to love without walls. She has lived out the blessings and the challenges that come with the choice her parents made to seek Him first - anywhere He leads. She has seen first hand that following Him anywhere He leads doesn't mean that things will always go smoothly, but that He will be there. She has a huge advantage over most children - she has seen the Way not just talked about, but lived out.

Greg Bailey said...

We hurt as you hurt! Blessings, peace and direction to you my friends!

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