Saturday, May 05, 2007

I'm So Excited and I Just Can't Hide It !!

OK, here's Lael with her new ID card (she was asleep when we got back last night with it). Doesn't she seem thrilled?!!

Also, thank you for praying for my study of Revelation at our leadership meeting today. I enjoyed so much presenting an overview of this book. I believe the 20+ leaders were encouraged as well. I crammed it all into 2 1/2 hours....but I did leave them with a rather lengthy handout that will fill in alot of the details. We had a great meeting, ate rice and fish tails, and enjoyed some good worship and prayer time. Whenever we have these national leadership meetings once a month, I leave there refreshed. I'm impressed with the caliber of men God is raising up as leaders, not only of the Aja churches, but among the churches in other people groups as well. Innovative thinkers, men who love the Lord and His Word, and humble servants who sacrifice so much for the Kingdom. It is enjoyable to share fellowship with them!
Keep praying that we hear word about our fingerprint clearance!



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Sweet Lael, ID card in hand. Still praying for fingerprint clearance. Blessings, Don