Monday, May 19, 2008

Celebrating 5 years officially

Today, May 19, is truly Timothy's birthday. Last night we were having a great time talking about the day he came into our lives and we saw his sweet face for the first time. He said, "Tomorrow can we read a book about me or can you let me see my baby movie?"
From the moment he woke up this morning I began retelling him his story...which is one of my favorite stories because his birth and knowing of his approaching birth was SO WONDERFUL!! We enjoyed his favorite breakfast this morning...scrambled eggs with food's color was green, a 1/2 of a small bagel with strawberry cream cheese and watermelon! I had 2 morning appointments and had to leave. I could not wait to get back with him and go through his baby book!! I returned for lunch and after we had J and L down for a nap, Timo and I snuggled up on the couch and went through every page of his scrapbook which documents with pictures and journaling, his first year of life!! I then read to him several of the prayers and blessings from his blessing book...sweet sweet moment of him absorbing the love and prayers that surrounded him at his birth!! I love this kid!!! He then went with me to run errands and pick Tori up from school. Tonight we went to the restaurant that he requested for dinner...Lubys!! My parents met us there for another celebration and we had a great time!

Timothy, this has been a great day!! We love you so much and what a wonderful 5 years this has been. For all that you have done Lord we thank you....Thank you Lord for the days to come. We know your plans are good!


JudyV said...

Oh how I wish we could have been there. Talking to Timothy on the phone is pretty exciting, being there would have been sooooo much more! I love the pictures. The one on the bottom left is hysterical. Tori telling Timothy "who are you?" and Timothy serenading or whatever is so it is a great picture of everyone.

Kelly, those journals about their births are precious memories. I am sure it is heart bursting when they want to hear about them, too.

Love you all,

Kendra said...

Sweet Timothy . . .the boys and I were talking about how he is 5 "for reals" now. I remember when that cute little guy entered the world, too - special, special day! love you -

Becky Reeves said...

Kelly, I got teary reading your post. I love that Timothy was able to get a beginning picture of how he was such a sweet answer to years of prayer and hope. How wonderful, too, that God gave you such an eager desire to be with him and share special moments with him on this day. Love you all!