Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Last Saturday morning we began the day with an appointment for our church directory pictures. Everyone seemed to be in good spirits and I knew we all looked cute!!
I was feeling pretty good about the likely opportunity that we would get a good picture. However, it soon became apparent once we entered the studio that Lael was NOT comfortable in a dark room with bright lights. Can you blame her? There was no way we were going to coax a smile from this precious girl. Oh many people absolutely love their church directory picture? I must confess that I am very disappointed that the picture that will be in the directory for many years to come does not capture the sparkling personality of our sweet Lael...of course the minute we left the room, she immediately began smiling and saying "cheese!"... After we left the church we went to my parents house and tried to take a few more before we ate lunch...that is where the pictures below come from. Click on them to make them larger and you will at least see our attempts to capture our family on film! Later that afternoon we enjoyed going to cousin Pate's baseball game. He and his brother Benjamin are pretty impressive on and off the field!

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Hailey Paige said...

AWE the kids are cute no matter what. There Vaughns we cant help but be cute haha.
love ya bunches
hailey paige