Thursday, May 22, 2008

Me... facilitating a Dance class?

Last night we registered for Summer Spectacular at Richland Hills and we got our free t-shirts!! Tori thought it would be a great idea for she and I to wear them to Field Day, so we did!! I had so much fun seeing her with her friends having a great time. I had volunteered to help with the morning shift wherever I was needed. To my surprise I was placed in charge of the dance class. :)If you know me well, you know this actually made me nervous!! We had a CD and I played three songs that they have done in their PE classes and I "facilitated" three dances!! The Hokey Pokey, the Chicken dance, and the Cha Cha Cha!!!Pre-K through 3rd grade came in for 15 minute was somewhat hysterical and VERY FUN, especially when Tori and her friends came in...obviously this was my favorite part!! i actually got the hang of it!

Best Buddies J and L


Hailey Paige said...

Haha that sounds like so much fun. I remember our PE class and all the crazy stuff we did it was awesome.
Love ya bunches
hailey paige

Brooks Inc. said...

The only way this could of been better is if you could of called mom and she could have helped you!

What a great memory!

Love you!


Cheryl said...

Word of advice...
Spit out your gum before you dance, especially if you are facilitating the Cotton Eyed Joe.
:-) :-)