Thursday, May 01, 2008

May 1 - Remembering Friends in Prayer

Today is May 1. A day important for many reasons.

Across the globe (thought not so much in the U.S.), today is Worker's Day (Fete du Travail in French). This is a celebration of the work force of the world. Honestly, when we lived in an international settiing, I was struck at how many other countries take time to celebrate this day (however, it seems like the day is often marked less by celebration and more by protests and violence). Not sure why the U.S. does not honor this day, but I guess we have to factor in the upcoming Memorial Day and that just makes too many holidays in May (that's a total guess). Anyway, we always used it to make a small gift to those special friends who worked in our home while we lived in Africa. As you know, again much different than in the U.S., in most of the rest of the world, it is common and acceptable to have houseworkers who help with cleaning, cooking, lawncare, security, etc. We had 3 people were with us from day 1 in Africa up until our painful goodbyes last June. Sossa, Louise and Laurance were such special friends and so good at what they did. They definitely became part of our family (although they didn't live in our home like Alice on the Brady Bunch!) We love them all so much and desparately miss seeing their faces. We probably think of each one of them at least 10 times every day!

Also, today is the National Day of Prayer in the U.S. May God be the only God of this wonderful country and may He help us in our challenges, empower us to help those in and out of our country who are in need, and may we see our leadership do incredible things that bring you honor. Today, at churches and some schools across this country, many will be praying. Will you join in?

So today, I'm combining my prayers and also ask you to pray for our African friends. Notably today: Sossa, Louise and Laurance. Please pray for them. I don't really know what today's challenges are for them. But God does. Ask His blessing to pour out on each of their families.


* Kelly is out of town, so I am returning as guest blogger!

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