Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Celebrating the Big 5 with Timo!

I have been looking so forward to sharing pictures of the day that we celebrated Timothy's birthday! We had so much fun. Birthdays are a blast in our family and we have a great time making them special. Timothy's party has been much anticipated. This is his first party to have with friends and he put alot of thought into his invitation list and it was such a blessing that almost everyone was able to come. This is also my time to tell you that at birthday time in our family, this is my husband's time to shine. Notice the super cool invitation at the top of this post...He loves doing this and he is so good at it!! All he needs is a theme and picture and he can always come up with something wonderful. If you are ever interested in a specialized party invitation, feel free to contact him with your requests! (For a small fee of course!!:) He also loves to do the birthday cake! Randy's creativity has no end and this year was no exception. Timo was so excited about this included his favorite things, cows, deer and a tractor scooping up a stack full of watermelons, Timothy's favorite dessert!....As well, Chuck E Cheese did not disappoint! The kids had fun playing games and surprisingly they even seemed to enjoy dancing..especially Lael and cousin Pate!!! Timothy humbly received a gold medal for being the Birthday star and it was so cute...he is truly proud of this medal. He had so much fun opening such fun presents..we were certainly blessed by generous friends and family...Thank you all for coming and celebrating Timo with us and for those of you that missed the party, know that we missed you and we appreciated your sweet words and good wishes!

Click on the collage so that you can see bigger pictures of our fun party!

Timothy is a great kid! He came to our family in God's perfect timing. He was so wanted. We had been longing for him and his birth is a divine marker in our lives of God doing a new thing with our family. He is a source of continual joy. He is rough and tender. He is already hiding God's word in his heart and knows that God has a great purpose for his life. We love being his mom and dad.

Thank you Lord for Timothy Randall Vaughn!


JudyV said...

Talking with Timothy about his party showed us just how great he thought his birthday was. Every sentence began with, "and guess what?". He was eager to tell us something else wonderful about his birthday.
Randy, super job on the invitation and cake!
Thank you, Kelly, for all of those neat pictures. We wish we could have been there!

Nana and Papa

Donny - MarketingTwin #2 said...

It was a fun party for all of us to be there (minus Tyler). We love being able to celebrate these birthdays together.

Nice creative stuff!!

Kristen said...

Love the picture of you and Becky!

Hailey Paige said...

Awe sounds like you had a fun day Timo!!!! Im glad you had a good birthday you are getting so big!!!

love ya bunches
hailey paige