Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day to Me

We went to lunch with my parents, the Brooks, and Andy and Jessica. It was a sweet sweet time, although we were truly missing Sam and Emille, Bailey and Brylee. It is their sweet faces that are missing in these pictures.

My heart is full of thanksgiving today. Thankful for my mother and the joy for life and knowing Christ that she instilled in my heart. Thankful for Lokadi, the birth mother of Lael, who lived a life of joy and generosity and who gave life to our precious Lael. Thankful for Tori, Timothy, Jonathan and Lael, my treasures and blessings that have taken my heart to depths of love and vulnerability that I did not know was possible before.......The Lord is loving and kind, gentle in all his ways...He has blessed me beyond all imagination and expectation. I am thankful for these moments now and I am looking forward expecting his blessing in the days to come.


vicki said...

Mom's day sounds wonderful for the Brooks/Jeffrey/Vaughns, and it looks wonderful too! Great photos and ditto for the weekend shots. How will you ever decide which to enlarge and frame?? so great that the cousins love each other so much, too.
and I love all of you as well!! Aunt VG

Amy said...

Love those pics!! Love keeping up with you!!! You and your sweet family - one of my favorites as well!!

Love you bunches!!