Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas Eve Weekend

We enjoyed a wonderful Christmas eve! The days have been filled with blessings. We have so much to be thankful for. Our hearts are full. Christmas weekend has been filled with the end of the year conference as referenced below. When the Saturday morning conference activites were finished (around 3p!...a LONG morning!), we quickly rushed home because we were having Josh and Virginia Hamm over for some Christmas cheer!! We made Christmas cookies for Santa and some reindeer cupcakes....We split up the goods after about 2 hours. They went home and our household quickly began anticipating Santa's arrival. Randy went back to the conference Saturday night and did not return home until around 1AM!!!!

Sunday was another full day of worship and fellowship with our Aja brothers and sisters. Around 4PM we were finally all back at the house together and we began wrapping presents and watching Christmas movies! We had so much fun! As soon as it was dark, Tori and Timo had the binoculars out attempting to spot Santa and they actually thought they saw something which sent them into an excited frenzy about getting ready for bed. Tori is in on the full Santa story. However, Timothy scores 100 % on full belief and I think it was contagious because Tori appeared to be just as full of anticipation! We set out our cookies and egg nog and our letter to Santa...then we were ready to read Twas the Night before Christmas! Randy and I were up until around 2AM getting things ready. We set our alarm for 6AM so as to be ready for our early risers!! Stay tuned for more pictures from Christmas Day!


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Brooks Inc. said...

Those Vaughn kids could all be cover models...each one of them has their own look and each is so beautiful!

Sure love you all!