Sunday, December 03, 2006

Perfect Timing

Today this was the quote that came to mind, “God is always on time. He is never late and he is seldom early!”

We awoke Saturday morning to the complete end of our reserve water supply. Randy left for a day long meeting and I found myself wondering and praying out loud at the same time, Lord what are you going to do with us? I have had laundry piling up since Randy, Tori, and Timo returned from the States and it has been a pretty overwhelming sight! Because we have been so low in our supply, we have also been limited in our dish washing, potty flushing, and even our bucket baths…yuck!!!! Today I knew had to be a different day!! Thank the Lord with us for the relief that he sent! Before noon the water came on in our guest bathroom and also outside. We were able to fill up all of our reserves and then some more…I was able to do ALL the laundry, ALL the dishes, flush ALL the potties, and give everyone a good soapy scrub down bath!!!! We are all in a better mood! Louise was here with me Saturday and she and I worked hard all day getting the above mentioned completely done!!! I was sure thankful for her help! We were both exhausted!

My wonderful husband returned yesterday evening from his meeting that had gone well. While I was gone to take Louise home, (because she had worked way after it had become dark) Randy made a delicious sweet treat for us to eat and celebrate our 11 year anniversary!! Whipped Cream, Chocolate Pudding and Strawberries! My favorite thing!!!

I love my husband so much! On my wedding day I remember feeling the most perfect peace mixed with such eager anticipation about becoming his wife. Today I can truly say, as I consider the future with Randy, I feel the same way just accompanied by a profoundly deeper love!! Randy is an incredible man, strong and brave, romantic and thoughtful, disciplined and fun, full of love for the Lord and full of love for me, in that order. I am so blessed. I trust him completely and look to the days to come with a smile on my face!


Donny said...

How perfect !! Love the Lord's timing. I pray that you don't have another one of these outages ... well... for another 6 months!! :-)

Brooks Inc. said...

I am so thrilled for the Lord's goodness...I know that takes a load off your mind to see all that laundry get done..along with everythign else you were able to accomplish! Ilove you all so much!


msajeffrey said...

I know your smile is bigger with the laundry done, dishes washed, potties flushed and children scrubbed...even parents scrubbed!!!

Hug Louise for me!!! What a sweet gift from God she is to your family. Thank you Lord!

While we are thanking the Lord, know that we do thank Him for the blessing of the marriage you and Randy have enjoyed over the last 11 years. What an incredible journey! As our Lord led you two to Africa, He has faithfully sustained you each day and His faithfulness will lead you, sustain you and abundantly bless you as He calls you back to this side of His world. Just as He has equipped & provided for you daily there He will equip and provide daily here...I remember realizing the truth during the preparation days prior to your departure to Benin that you could not go anywhere that God was not completely all ready there...still true of course as you return...His perfect plan awaits you exciting it will be to see it revealed...continued blessing as you walk...

Anthony Parker said...

I'm just getting caught up on my blog reading. It's great to hear your stories -- Praise God for providing water when you needed it most -- Praise God for your wonderful marriage and family.

We arrived in Albany on Saturday and are getting settled in -- the people are great and it is a jewel of a town. We close on our house Friday and look forward to getting settled.

Cheryl said...

Praise the Lord for water! I've been thinking of you and praying. And wishing you could bring your laundry to my house so I could help! That would be quite a long drive for laundry :-)
Bless you--after our bouts of water shortage I TREASURE the stuff...and have a VERY hard time simply DRAINING a bath tub of water ever again.
Congratulations on your anniversary--
Hope your day is a great one!