Wednesday, December 27, 2006

This week continues to be so full of activity and opportunites to bless and be blessed. Christmas day was such a sweet day for our family. The day began early and filled with fun! I had given Randy a coupon in his stocking offering him a 2 hour nap with no warning necessary! He cashed in his coupon after breakfast!!! Thankfully, he let me have my turn later in the day!!! The day was filled with our kids playing with their toys and watching new DVDs and enjoying some great food. We were also able to talk to most of our family!! We miss our family so much and it is definitely difficult to be so far away during the holidays. It is the last time, as far as we can see, for a long time that this many miles will separate us.

Yesterday we had a Christmas party with Ega, Laurance, Louise and Sossa. This was time shared with dear friends that Randy and I will treasure in our heart forever. This morning we had the opportunity to spend some festive time with our church leaders and tomorrow we will be hosting Ega, his mother, brother, sister, and his 3 children...this is Lael's biological family.
We anticipate this being a special time for sure.

Tori and I also started back to school today! It was a bit rough for both of us. It is hard to get back in the groove.

We have so many fun pictures from these recent days and it is so frustrating that we can not post them. We can post them but it is a very slow process. It took 45 minutes to post the precious pic below! We will keep trying but not tonight! I am going to bed!

Thank you for your prayers for our family! The Lord's unfailing love surrounds us!

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