Thursday, December 07, 2006

One of Tori's favorite things to do is to set up pretend "clinics" with her friends. Today she invited Dr.Timo to the clinic! He was a natural with the patients. Unfortunately, you will notice that a sterile environment is not priority! Posted by Picasa


laura bull said...

what amazing imaginations those two have! i love hearing your stories and seeing pictures! God bless you guys.

laura bull said...

this is a little random... but last night i was dreaming like crazy... i usually don't dream a whole lot and if i do i certainly don't remember them. but seeing these pictures again of Tori and Timothy made me remember one of my dreams from last night. for some reason i had the opportunity to meet you... no idea where, or what continent we were on :) but i had the opportunity to share with you what an encouragement your's and Randy's lives' in Benin have been to us in our first year here on the field. i remember telling you how much i loved the symbolism of these pictures. that tori and timothy were pretending to heal the bodies of their friends, but God was working through them to heal their souls. i pray that one day i will have the chance this side of heaven to hug your neck and tell you in person what an encouragement you are to those around you... but if not, know that from across the miles you are receiving a huge hug from this sister in Christ. God bless you guys!

Randy & Kelly Vaughn said...

Thank you so much for sharing such encouragement with me! I look forward to an opportunity to meet you some day as well. I really enjoy reading your blog and I am so blessed by your heart that is willing to serve the Lord in a hard place. The Lord has great plans for you and Gary! Some day you will look back on your time there and be so amazed at what the Lord has done and that you have been able to witness...just because you said, "Yes! I'll go"
Can't wait to hear more and more from you! Blessings Sister!!