Wednesday, December 06, 2006

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Randy & Kelly Vaughn said...

We used a spice cake recipe from Kelly's new REAL SIMPLE magazine. Good stuff. We baked the cakes in 3 different size muffin tins creating the big-to-small stacking effect (miniature, regular and jumbo muffins). Then we smothered the whole thing in white frosting (tub icing from America). Tori and I had bought some Sugar Free Reese's PB cups while we were in Texas and managed to get them back here and into our freezer before they melted...they make a great top hat for Frosty. The rest of the family loves candy corns (which Kelly picked up when she was in Texas recently)...although I don't, they make perfect noses for our little snowmen. The pretzels came from here and make for good praisin' snowmen! HA! Tori loves to dust the whole thing with a thick blanket of "snow" (powdered sugar through a hand sifter). It was a lot of fun to make this with the kids!