Friday, December 29, 2006

Christmas Party with Friends

Tuesday afternoon we had a Christmas party for our closest African friends...Ega, Louise, Laurance and Sossa. Sossa is not in this picture but you will see him in the pictures below. These people have been our friends and all but Ega have served us in our home for almost 8 years. We have been through so much together and we have celebrated many Christmases together. This year they are aware that this is our last Christmas to be here and it made for some very special conversations and memories on this day. Whenever we have been hosted in their homes, those who have a television, always play DVDs for us while we wait or eat a meal together. Ega and Sossa arrived before the women so we decided to entertain them with The Gaithers' Christmas in the Country! They loved it!! We had watched about 30 minutes when Laurance and Louise arrived. They were late because they were getting their hair done!!! They were enjoying the video so much that we chose to serve them their meal on chairs instead of at the table. It was very moving to be explaining the words of the songs and the testimonies given to them. At one time a song was being sung with a chorus that said "Unspeakable Joy! Glory to God! Angels are Everywhere!" It was a beautiful song and one that the chorus was repeated over and over again...a very worshipful song...the words in English were similar to the words in French and they could understand. I looked over at Louise and she had tears streaming down her face. She said, "It is just so wonderful to be in Christ!" Tears immediately came to my eyes as my heart agreed completely! Once the video was over we took the time to read from Luke 2 with them and talk about Jesus! What a blessed time! After this we exchanged gifts and then they said they had some things they wanted to say to us. We were so humbled and so moved as each one of them recounted with soft voices and great emotion the last 8 years and how God has used us in their lives. The things that they shared will forever be treasured in our hearts. Our hearts are so full and so blessed. We are so thankful for the entire experience of these past 8 years.

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