Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy Birthday Jonathan

God, we feast on the abundance of your house and we know that you give us drink from your river of delights!

Psalm 24:1

When I was pregnant with Jonathan the scripture above jumped from the pages of the Bible and seem to take on special meaning, so much so that Randy and I felt somehow it spoke to us something of our baby to come! We chose to give Jonathan his middle name of Ruisseau based on this Scripture and several others that refer to rivers being a source of strength for the righteous.

Jonathan Ruisseau Vaughn was born January 3rd, 2005! His middle name is pronounced
"ree-SO". It means stream or river in the French language.

Yesterday we celebrated his second birthday. We plan to actually have a birthday party for him sometime in March with presents and a fun cake….placing some time between Christmas and his birthday so that his birthday does not get lost in the activity of the holidays!

Jonathan is kind and gentle, tough and loud. He loves his family. His body is so strong and when he falls he is quick to get back up. He is easily consoled although he does not let you console for very long! Many times I wish he would let me hold him just a little longer!! He loves to sing and we continually hear him singing throughout the day (Laurance always says she thinks Jonathan is going to sing in the church someday!)

Randy and I know the Lord has great plans for Jonathan and we know they are good!

The following pictures show our day with him yesterday, from starting the day with Daddy's pancakes to a party with a small cake at lunch with our family, to afternoon with a popsicle and then getting ready for bed! (Randy plans to make him a fun cake later in March…he did not want this cake to give out any impressions that he is beginning to slack on his birthday cake making skills!)

Today he looked different to me! He looked like a big boy!

Happy Birthday Jonathan! We love you!


Monica said...

Those Vaughn boys always make sure thier kids have special birthday cakes. Looks like you guys had a wonderful day. Enjoy the cool temperatures.

Donny said...

What a big boy he is !! I agree Kelly - he does look like a big boy!! Can't wait to see him in a few months in person!! Love you guys and Happy Birthday Jonathan!!!

Jenni said...

Happy Birthday Jonathan!

You could always make the big celebration at his half birthday. I had a friend in college who's family made as big of a deal of half-birthdays as the real day.

Anthony Parker said...

A belated happy birthday to Jonathan. He is a blessed boy in a special family!

Mike and Susan Apel said...

I think Jonathan looks like a Jeffrey.