Thursday, January 18, 2007

Today all 4 kids were enjoying some apple slices with peanut butter, outside in a little fort they have made. Lael grabbed the plate that had some peanut butter left on it and took off running!

Jonathan was hot on her trail!! These two are so hilarious to watch together, either best of friends... or not!!!


Monica said...

What funny pictures. I think Jonathan needed Lael as his sister. I love their stories.

CommentRV said...

My goodness, I love their interaction! And I must say that I am quite impressed with the ever ready camera to catch this sequence!!! They are dolls! Can't wait (but I guess I will!) until we get to see these two plus two face to face!!! They are sooooo loved as are their parents!!!!...expect

CommentRV said...

These kids are the cutest! A month from now we will be there to see it face to face!

Love you-