Sunday, January 21, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom !
You are so loved!
We talk about you all the time with smiles on our faces!
Timo is still asking daily, "How many more days till I can go back to Gandmother's house?"
We pray that today is filled with blessing and reminders of the love that surrounds you.
You are Precious!


CommentRV said...


After seeing Sam's yesterday I could barely sleep I was sooooo excited about getting up and seeing mine!

I love the detail...I love Bailey and Lael's hair...the ball caps on they guys...Tori with her big pretty smile and tiny little Bry...ummmm, I wonder whose hand she will be holding in a few years...
Tori Vaughn, you have once again made my day...especially for including all of the JGK's in the picture...what a blessing you are to me!!!

Kendra said...

Happy birthday to Precious!!! Wow - i didnt' know your birthday was today - I would have told Rick so he could sing you Happy Birthday from the stage!! I love your bday card, too!! Wow, what a gifted card maker . . .remember, mine is November 16th. That gives you lots of time to be working on it!!! he!
Aunt K