Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A much needed GET AWAY!

For most of the month of January we had power and water with out any interruption. This was very nice after going almost 2 and ½ months without either!! However, starting last week, the interruption of power and water has begun again. We are back to using our generator some days, around the clock. When the ration of power began we had only a limited supply of gasoline on hand and it ran out before we were available to go and purchase any more…therefore Monday (day and night) we were without power….the night was a sleepless one for me and one dear child whose name begins with J who refused to sleep.

Tuesday morning I was beyond exhausted! Randy took over with the kids and let me sleep for 2 wonderful hours. When I woke up, he had worked out a plan for me and Tori to leave and go to Cotonou and stay one night in our favorite hotel! We were so excited! I had not been outside of our house and the surrounding village in almost a month!!

Tori and I had SO MUCH FUN!!! We went straight to the hotel which has been under going much needed renovations. We stayed in a room that had been redone and we loved oohing and ahhing over the new look…this is a hotel that we have stayed in many times over the past 8 years and we know it well! We ate a late lunch at the restaurant and then rested for a bit in our room. Around 4 we went to run a few errands which included stopping at only the stores we considered fun to go into! We stayed out until we were too tired and then we got dinner to go from our favorite restaurant and went back to the hotel. We ate our dinner and it seemed liked we laughed all night long! We were just plain silly!!!

It felt so wonderful to change the scenery and really have some time to just laugh and play! We went to bed around 10, which to Tori, seemed like the biggest treat…and it was for the both of us!!!:)

This morning we got up, ate breakfast, and did some grocery shopping before heading back home. We were hardly gone 24 hours and I feel so refreshed! I am so thankful that my sweet husband was proactive in making sure I got away when I did!!

Back at the house there again is no power and no water….

An update on the strike in the courts….Our lawyer called and said the strike continues, however the court will be working this Friday. He is on schedule to be there Friday morning and will be speaking with someone there about our situation. He said that he will access the situation and then come directly to our house on Friday and we will discuss where things stand. Please pray for favor in the courts on Friday and for PROGRESS!!!


Kendra said...

What a fun treat to have a girl's get away!! So sorry there's been trouble with power and water, though. Frustrating. We'll be praying about Friday . . .love you all

CommentRV said...

We pray every day but will especially and specifically pray for Friday's news!

Kelly, the get away sounds wonderful for you and Tori. What a special daddy she has to plan it and a special mommy to laugh and stay up late with!

Don't like to hear of the power problems. Is the Harmattan to blame, do you think? I hope that is gone soon.

We love you all so much and pray you get good news Friday.


mac said...

We're so glad that you were able to 'get away'! Sounds like you had a lot of fun. Are we still on for April @ CASA? We're looking forward to some beach time with you guys!

laura said...

what a blessing our husbands are when they know the needs of their wives' to "get away"! Our get away here in town is the new movie theater and after a loooong day today, in which i think i've seen gary all of 10 minutes before he headed off to a late night Bible study, he suggested we go for a movie and lunch tomorrow, and in the midst of craziness there was light at the end of the tunnel and all was right in the world of this wife and mommy! so glad that you guys were able to get away, i love hearing how precious the relationship is that God has blessed you with in Tori! God bless you!