Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Harmattan is still hovering and giving us cooler temperatures, dirty faces, dirty everything for that matter, scratchy throats and some runny noses. Tori and Timothy enjoyed some fun times this afternoon with their friends.

An update in regards to Lael's adoption....The courts in Benin are in the 3rd week of a Strike....thus we are in a complete standstill at the moment and have been unable to proceed. We know we will proceed, but at this time do not know when the day is coming. Please pray with us as we perservere with patience and trust that the Lord is working in the details even when we cannot see. Please pray that the Strike will end soon.

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Donny said...

We will certainly be praying! Can't wait to see what HIS timing will be (just wish he wouldn't push it !! HA)