Friday, January 26, 2007

Some thoughts from Kelly

This week has been one full of emotion for me (Kelly). We have been selling our furniture and household items daily to missionaries and some African friends. The items remain in our home but are tagged for others now and will soon begin disappearing as we make arrangements with others for them to be taken.

Our departure seems to be a constant topic of conversation. Conversations between Randy and me, with our kids, with our workers, family and friends back home….eagerly anticipating the future and at the same time, beginning to feel the emotion of the separation to come from our life in Benin. I find myself feeling ways that I cannot even explain or make sense out of until I step back and reflect on the magnitude of the transition that we are in the midst of…

This week we have started making plans for our beloved dog Booker. Sossa has said that he very much wants to keep him and that he will start building a wall around a portion of his house next month to prepare for taking him. We are all happy about this plan…

Another week has passed and the strike continues in the courts of Benin. This has been very discouraging to me. I know that the Lord is aware of all of the details and nothing is unfolding in a way that surprises him….even so, patient perseverance is tough and I have been struggling….

The father of one of Tori’s closest friends died somewhat suddenly this week. He had been sick for about 6 days. Tori’s friend is named Jackie. He came to our house immediately after he found out and wanted to see Tori. She came in and said, “Mommy, we have to do something for him!” I was pondering what to do, while she ran out to the school room. She came running back in with a box of new crayons, and a box of pencils with some paper. She said, “Jackie really likes to draw so maybe this will help him right now.” She took it out to him and they sat outside and colored for awhile. He seemed a little happier. He asked her to please come to the funeral. Randy, Tori, Timo and I went to the funeral yesterday. It was just across the street from our house and we were walking in the sea of darkness that Randy referred to in an earlier post. We were surrounded by people who have no hope and who live in fear. We have lived here for 8 years and it is still stunning to see the effort and sacrifice made for gods of the darkness that have brought nothing but continual suffering and oppression for these poor people. No blessing. No favor. No mercy or grace.

We serve the One and Only God beyond all understanding that loves with abandon and desires that no one would be without his mercy and grace. I pray that the Lord will continue to show us his heart for the Aja people and that in our remaining months in Benin, that he will be reflected in our lives…that we will be his hands of blessing, favor, mercy and grace so that as many as possible can know the realities of life in Christ.

Tonight Randy participated in a Baby dedication of one of the Christian couples at the church in Dandihoue. After yesterday’s experience at the pagan funeral, it was a blessing to celebrate a new life being dedicated to God. This young couple, Anthony and Angel, represent the hope and future of the church in Benin. Randy said that it was so refreshing and encouraging to hear the prayers of Anthony for his young son, who at the dedication was given the name Emmanuel. A new generation of disciples is already among us. May God continue to multiply and bear fruit in the lives of the Christians with whom we have had the privilege of working.


CommentRV said...

Kelly, As I read your words my heart both aches with you and rejoices with you. I can only imagine all that you all are going through right now. I pray the Lord continue to hold you closely and allow Lael's adoption to procede swiftly.
Love you,

CommentRV said...


I loved reading these thoughts. I sure love you and pray the Lord advances His cause on all sides...the adoption, the light for the Aja...all of it!

Love you!


Kendra said...

What a tranisition time, a hallmark time, an exciting time a sad time . . the list goes on and on. Thanks for sharing some of the emotions that are going on in your head as you go through this time! love you