Sunday, January 14, 2007

Nap time ain't what it used to be!

These 2 have become quite the conversationalists and the past few days at nap time I have discovered various scenes when I have gone to check on them. Jonathan is always out of bed, sometimes he is in Lael's pack-n-play with her, yesterday he had climbed on to the top bunk (Tori's bed) and turned on the air conditioner and today he was marching around the room playing Tori's kazoo!

I have come up with another plan! Much to their dismay, they must be separated!! Jonathan is now taking his nap on Mommy and Daddy's bed and Lael is on her own. That works great!


Some of you have let us know that you are having trouble making comments on our blog. Not sure why this is happening (since we switched to the upgraded version of Blogger). Someone has had success using the generic username and password that we created....give it try and see if you have better success!

(both the same for easy remembering!)

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CommentRV said...

Love it! What fun they are having trying to outsmart mom! Such cuties!

laura said...

we have some friends in the states who have four boys all in a row and i still remember being in awe as i walked into their room where there were two sets of bunk beds and all four slept together :) you can just imagine what bed time sounded like in that house :)

KSC said...

Little Houdini is on the loose. Tell him how sorry I am that he has been separated from his partner in crime during naptime. I have a feeling it won't be long before he'll find a way back in that room.....