Sunday, January 14, 2007

Tori has started cursive writing and LOVES IT! Talk about exciting...she rarely complains any more about her assignments as long as she can write the answers in cursive! When asked why she likes it so much, she says, "because it looks like a many loops, it's like writing with her rope."


CommentRV said...

Tori Vaughn...Oh MY Goodness, I am so very proud of YOU! This cursive writing is beautiful! Keep up the wonderful work, my sweet!

CommentRV said...


Love your cursive. You ae doing so great! I sure love you and your family!


Donny said...

This is INCREDIBLE - Very impressive Tori!! You are such a great learner and are going to be such a great writer. I'm proud of you!!!!

Kendra said...

I love it, Tori - your cursive writing is SO cowgirl and so pretty!!! Wow! By the way, I can tell that the first commenter was MSJeffrey - by the wording of her cute comment. Am I right??
Love youall, and really loved the hysterical picture of naptime!!! That's why Tyler has to rest on our bed, too. Siblings together at naptime is just too tempting, I think . . sure do love you all

CommentRV said...

Tori, you get an A+ in your cursive writing! I am very impressed. I am also very happy that you like cursive. You are such a big second grader and a great cowgirl, too. Keep up the good work.


KSC said...

Tori - You rock, girlfriend!!! Look at your handwriting - wow! Maddie will be so excited to see it. Keep working hard and come back to us soon. We are really missing you.