Sunday, October 21, 2007

Abilene and Baird....Time well spent!

We have enjoyed an incredible weekend. My cousin Tim Chapman, who I enjoy referring to as my third brother, because we are so close, flew in to DFW Thursday afternoon with his wife Darcy. We left soon after for Abilene and I took my son Timothy with us too. Randy stayed behind with everyone else and they came on to Abilene as soon as Tori was out of school on Friday. I mentioned earlier that this is my reunion year. Darcy had been a Sing Song hostess our senior year and all of the 1992 Hosts and Hostesses led worship in ACU chapel on Friday and Saturday. We were so blessed to spend some great time together and to be so encouraged seeing old friends. It is so refreshing to be with friends who are growing in the Lord, pressing on in hard times and reflecting Christ in their marriages, families, jobs and ministries! Randy and I both were deeply encouraged and reminded again of how thankful we are for our years at ACU. Our kids were so thrilled that they were able to spend the majority of their time at the ranch in Baird. Becky and Tony were there with Pate and Benj, Uncle Andy joined us and so did Paw! This was a guarantee for a wonderful weekend. We are blessed.

My 2 favorite Tims......Tim Chapman and Timothy Vaughn

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Jenni said...

Kelly - I saw you from a distance at chapel on Saturday ... wish I could have met you in person. I can't remember if I've ever commented on your blog, but I was at ACU between Becky & Sam and knew them both, which is how I found you guys. Still praying that your transitions are going well....