Monday, October 22, 2007

Sharing Special Amy Grant Memories

In this post I wanted to share the specific memories of those who will be receiving a copy of Amy Grant's new book Mosaic.
As we get into the week I will be posting more of your memories, but we will get started with these three. Enjoy!

Laura Vaughn

I also have my most prominent memory with Amy Grant at about age nine. Randy, Kelly, Nana, and Papa had all given me cassette tapes with all her current songs and I listened to them constantly! I recall that my favorite song was “My Father’s Eyes.” One day while walking in the mall in Abilene Kelly and Mom told me that they had a surprise for me. Kelly had three tickets to Amy’s concert in Dallas! I was so excited! I bought a whole new outfit for the concert, even new tights, shoes, and a bow! Randy, Kelly, and I went to the concert a little early and I got to actually meet Amy and take lots of fun pictures! I remember Kelly talking to her for what seemed like forever! I just couldn’t wait to hear her sing! I remember one part of the concert in particular. We were on a higher level looking down at the stage, and I remember Amy walking out in the most beautiful gown! It was either purple or blue and I thought she looked just like Cinderella. Her hair was like a fountain of curls! I sang along with every song I knew. After the concert I developed the pictures and put them in a photo album that now sits safely with my other keepsakes. I still hear Amy sing on the local Christian music station and even though I don’t listen to her music regurlarly, I could still sing along with some of her old songs. I think Amy was a huge influence on me and a big part of why singing is still my favorite thing to do. She allowed me not only to enjoy music but grow in my faith through music!
I hope that Amy Grant’s music will be something for my children to grow up with as well, so that they can also grow with the Lord in an exciting way! Thanks to Kelly for bringing someone so special into my childhood

Cheryl Cash

My two memories of Amy's music involve her Christmas music. I cannot find the tape and I can't remember the Title of the song...but it is the song about Mary"s thoughts as she carries Jesus and it is sung with the chorus of "Breath of Heaven".

My son Alex was born on December 24th. Our daughter was not yet 2 yrs old and my pregnancy with Alex had been a surprise. I was overwhelmed and anxious as I carried him and worked out all the details of traveling from our home in Ft Portal across two countries to Nairobi for his delivery. This song was balm...exhortation...Hope. "But I offer all I the mercy of Your plan... Help me be strong...Help me be...Help me...." I prayed this song to the Lord over and over. I thought about Mary and the practical side of her pregnancy. The faith and ponderings of her heart. We aren't told everything about that time for her...but as I carried my own child...I viewed those moments for Mary in a new light. That song and its cries nursed and nurtured me...reminding me I am never alone. Mary's mother did not travel with her to Bethlehem. She delivered her first child without her family near. As I longed for my own Mom and sister during the delivery and the joyful moments after Alex had arrived...the song filled my heart. "Breath of Heaven Hold me FOREVER NEAR me...Breath of Heaven..." God's mercies and Presence are so undeserved and so Powerful...PRAISE!!!

The other memory is an ongoing is now my Christmas tradition to listen to Amy sing "I'll Be Home for Christmas" and cry. One good heartfelt cryfest...mostly with thankfulness for all the amazing Christmas memories I have of my precious family in the States. A part of me always misses Christmas at "home" even though I so love our Christmas memories and traditions that we have established in Ft Portal with our children, missionary friends and Ugandan friends.

Finally, I want to share Jeff's memory. I have to share it with you because it took place in Eldoret, Kenya!
When Jeff was interning in Eldoret (he was there for 6 months in 1989) he was feeling very stressed. He was walking through the market and put on his walkman and listened to Amy Grant. It changed everything for him. His outlook changed. He didn't feel alone anymore. Amy accompanied him through the market!
As he walked around, a guy in the market asked what he was listening to. Jeff told him, "Amy Grant". The guy asked if he could borrow the tape and Jeff let him. Several days later when Jeff walked through the market...all the stores and dukas were playing Amy Grant! And the Eldoret market was never the same...

Jill Coan

About twelve years ago, we lived a few blocks away from a family that had lots of kids (smile). Five to be exact. I went on daily walks with my two (at the time) little ones. I kept seeing these kids and wanted to get to know them. I found out that they lived with their grandmother. In fact, there mother had been murdered and their father was in jail. At some point, I invited the kids to go to church with us. I didn’t think of the logistics of it, because we did not have room in our vehicle for all of them. Amazingly enough, God always provided a way to get all of them there. At some point, we purchased a van. Not exclusively for that reason, but it helped make our decision when we looked at vehicles. The first 6 months or so after we invited them, we had 3 or 4 go with us each week. At some point, two of them stopped going as much. There were twin girls, however, who would not ever miss. We really bonded with them and they became part of our extended family. They spent Sunday afternoons with us and visited us during the week. At some point we shared an Amy Grant CD with them. They immediately loved her music. A few months after we shared Amy Grant with them, we heard that Amy was doing a concert in Dallas. We immediately bought tickets for our twin girls (they were around 10 years old at the time) and ourselves and lined up a babysitter for our little ones. At some point before the concert, I had the idea that it would be an amazing thing if these precious twins could meet Amy face to face. I knew it was a long shot, but I wrote a letter asking her as much. I gave her some background about the girls in the letter. Everyone that I told about this smiled sweetly and reminded me that Amy was “big” and to “not get my hopes up”. They were up, though. I was elated to receive a phone call from Amy’s staff telling me to bring the girls to the ticket office 2 hours before the concert began. Steve and I took them early. The staff person asked if they could go to a pre-concert party with Amy and then sit up front during the concert. They also wanted the girls to go backstage for an after concert party! We were SO excited. The girls had shocked, disbelief and excitement etched on their faces. I began to cry as they did. What a moment. I will NEVER forget it. I had more joy watching those two girls enjoy the concert on the front row (as I sat in the nosebleed section) than I would have ever had being on the front row myself. It was an unforgettable night. The two normally quite girls were chattering all the way home. They shared their one on one conversations with Amy. They kept saying how nice she was. From the way they described it, it seems that Amy took them under her wings and was their personal escort through the night. I could not have been happier. I am so thankful for Amy Grant. She may be “big” as everyone warned me, but her heart is much bigger.

I am so happy to have a place to share this story. What a sweet memory! Our precious twins just turned 20 a few months ago. One has a daughter of her own. We have all gone our own ways, but we know that we impacted their lives... And they ours.


Kendra said...

Ok, so those were verey sweet stories! Good choices, dear sister. I love them and look forward to more!

Tam said...

I think you choose well Kelly. All those stories were great. I think it is obvious that God reigns in Amy's heart. No way someone that has had all the acclaim she has could be that down to earth and personable with out the Spirit of God guiding her. Her music is good, but it had to be the Holy Spirt to make music that powerful.