Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hot Dog Banquet

We rushed back from Baird to make it in time for Tori's practice for the upcoming Christmas musical and as well for Tori and Timothy to attend the Hot Dog Banquet. This is the Banquet that is sponsored by children of Richland Hills specifically to pray for the missionairies and those they serve around the world. Throughout our time in Benin we were blessed by the prayers prayed for us at this Banquet. We actually came to see this time as a time to consider the things that we considered impossible prayer requests and we would give them to the kids. We did this because when their pure hearts come before him with prayer, He Responds! We saw amazing things happen and lost people saved. Because of their powerful prayers, we wanted to be there tonight among those coming before Him. It was a special time and Tori especially was touched by this opportunity. Everytime it was time to pray, she was one of the first to volunteer as well as her sweet cousin Pate! I was so blessed that Murphy and Christine Crowson included Tori up on stage when their family was being interviewed. I had tears in my eyes for most of the evening. There is some sadness that our family was not up on stage sharing about our lives and our dear Aja friends. My heart was aching tonignt to be up there sharing their story and asking for prayers for God to be at work in their lives. The transition continues for us...and it is HARD. We appreciate your prayers for our family every time we come to your mind. We are earnestly seeking the Lord continuously about where He wants us to be...He leads with peace and clarity and we are waiting for His voice that we have come to know so well to tell us the next step.

PS: I will be posting the memories and stories of the 3 contest winners tomorrow!

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