Thursday, October 18, 2007

And the Winners Are:

Thank you so much for your participation this week. I have had so much fun being in discussion about such a special person who blessed so many of our lives. Your emails have been so fun to receive! Keep sending them if you want too. I will be sharing your stories next week. For now I want to share with you the winners of the three books. I will share why they were chosen on Monday!

And the winners are:
Cheryl Cash
Jill Coan
Laura Vaughn

Please send your address to and I will get these in the mail to you next week!


Brooks Inc. said...


I demand a recount...:)


Murray & Jaime said...

Congrats to the winners! I wish we could've entered. Amy's music has had a big impact on my husband's life and ministry.

Kelly--I loved your words from your post below. I also like the quote you shared from Amy on page 168. I am going to keep that one with me.

I also wanted to share one of my favorite quotes that a friend shared with me about "gossip". I think that when we say things about other's mistakes it's being very judgmental but also gossip is involved. After hearing the quotebelow, it has made it harder for me to give in to the temptation to gossip (I don't always resist but I have resisted more than I would have).

"Let the absent one be safe among you"

I loved that thought. It somehow instilled a preciousness in the "absent one" and all of the sudden I wanted to protect them instead of talk bad about them (I hate even mentioning that I've had that desire!).

I will add Amy's quote to my heart so that I will fight off the temptation to gossip even more (along with the many scriptures in the Bible about gossip).

Anyway, hope you have fun at ACU. My 10 year is next year!!!

Thanks again for the great post!

The Vaughn 5 said...


Yeah! I can't wait for Laura to see this. She actually gets out of school at noon today; so I will tell her to log on as soon as she is home. She will be so excited. (As are Hailey & I. I think all 3 of us will enjoy reading the book!)

It is such a blessing to have role models like both you and Amy to influence the life of your teenage daughter. Thank you!

Love you!

Kendra said...

Yea for the winner! I laughed out loud at Becky's comment . . .it sounded a bit like Donny's last night when I informed him he was not the winner . . "WHAT??" Can't wait to read your post with comments!

Cheryl said...

YAY!!! I can't wait to read this book!!!
Thanks Kelly!