Monday, October 08, 2007


Tori and I had such a special opportunity this morning. She had the day off from school and we were asked to speak at Fort Worth Christian, to the Elementary school morning chapel, about our life in Benin. Tori had told me a few weeks ago that she would love to have the opportunity to talk about her life and friends in Africa...just a day or so after she mentioned this to me we received a phone call requesting us to come.
FWC is a special place to our family. I graduated from there, as did my sister and brothers. Tori went there for a few months during her Kindergarten year when we were home for a furlough. Today she felt so special as her friends remembered her and were showing such excitement in seeing her!
We loved talking about the reasons we went, sharing some of the Aja langage and talking a bit about what life for a 9 year old in Benin is like! It was also fun to speak to a room full of kids about God's plan for their lives! It is very likely that in that room full of kids that the Lord will call some of them to go to a place where no one has heard the name of Jesus! We encouraged them to not be afraid but to be excited about what God will do! There is nothing better to do with our lives than to spend it serving Him and living a life that draws other people into knowing Him!!!

This is an early morning pic with Lael before we left for FWC!

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