Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sharing More Memories of Amy Grant

Here again are some of the memories shared with me over the past few weeks. I will have one more post which will include many of the memories that were sent to me via email. Next week I will be seeing Amy Grant at the Bass Hall in Downtown Fort Worth. I can't wait! My sweet daughter Tori, my sweet sister Becky and my sweet Mama will be sitting by my side!

Lyndsey Goode:

While I've never met Amy, she's a big part of one of my favorite memories - one of my most vivid memories of Mandy(our precious cousin who was killed by a drunk driver). I was in Houston at their old house and after some glorious time in the pool, Mandy & I spent what seemed like hours in her room (just us - no siblings!) talking about everything in the world and just listening to "Age to Age" over and over again. We'd stop and rewind after every song because every song was just that great and we needed to hear it again immediately. I remember singing our favorites - "Sing Your Praise to the Lord," "I Have Decided" and "El Shaddai" at the top of our lungs again and again. That album will probably always be my favorite, since it was the first one I really knew and because it's so connected to Mandy for me. Even though I have her others, this is still the one that I come back to now when I'm in the mood for some Amy!

Becky Reeeves

Hi Kelly! What fun! I'm so glad you have been privileged to meet Amy Grant, pray for her, follow her life, and now be involved in reviewing her new book! I, too, was shaped by much of her music. I have memories with many of her songs, but my biggest memory is of singing "I will remember you" with my best high school friend at our high school graduation in front of over 2,000 people. The song of hers that I have sang most often in my head, however, is "Faithless heart" I identify in a deep place in my heart with the words in this song. I guess this would be my vote for my favorite Amy Grant song.

Anthony Parker

I was first introduced to Amy Grant in the early 80s in the little missions center at Lipscomb. We missions groupies would hang out there and Amy Grant vinyl albums would be played. This was one of my first exposures to contemporary Christian music of any kind, and I thought it was wonderful. And while our missions director would tell us how wrong instrumental music was in public worship, he somehow knew it was spiritually healthy for us to listen to it in the missions center.

Her "Mountaintop" song has to have had the greatest impact on me personally as I have wrestled, especially at times of leaving the U.S. for other parts of the world, with the need to come down from the mountaintop to the people in the valley below. It's strange that I now view my time in Africa as a mountaintop and the U.S. as a valley.

Tim Chapman

I am sitting in Denny's and my cell rings. I say hello and the voice on the other side says "hey Tim, it's Amy". Now I know a lot of Amy's but I had just left the Amy Grant/ Vince Gill concert while Darcy went backstage with my pass. I remember thinking I wish I were Kelly (Or maybe I wish Kelly were me) as I talked and joked with an individual who had impacted my life and my families for over two decades. Well I am not the most talkative person even with Amy Grant, so we laughed about family, Vince ( first name basis now :) and I related some of the blessings she had been to us. She was very gracious and had such class in our short conversation and I said goodbye after I confirmed I would have something to bring home to Kelly. She laughed and agreed.

Then I noticed I had missed the first call, so I checked the message it was " Tim, its Vince what is going on......" . You see we lived in a country town and you would think back stage everyone would want his autograph and pictures. Actually as Darcy described he was just roaming around because most were back there waiting to see Amy. So he was working the crowd with a lame comedy act and Darcy caught his attention (I wonder why :). She convinced him to give me a call and his message was almost as long as my conversation with Amy and it was hilarious.

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