Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tonight, Tori and I, together with my Mom and Sister are going to hear Amy Grant at the Bass Hall. We are all excited! Today I am posting the last of the stories that were shared with me about Amy. Thanks so much for sharing in this time of reflection. I know I have had fun!

Tami Weaver

I was in college when her album first came out. Several of my friends had a connection to her through Nashville r and brought the album back after Christmas break. It was a little daring for me to listen at first, since it was instumental Christian music. But, I like you loved her songs instantly, even the ones that weren't big hits. I felt such a connection with her, what she was going through and loved to hear any thing about her life. Her sister's inlaws go to church with my parents, and I would always make my mom pump them for information about her. I got to go back stage one time, although I kinda talked my way back there. She was still married at the time and she and her husband were so personable and real. I always read about her, got her albums/cd's and went to see her in concert. I agree with you, she sang about a realationship with God that was something I wanted. It was also a connection that she had church of Christ roots and was singing this way about her faith. ( singing with a guitar no less)
I can so identify with you feeling she was your friend. I loved reading the album notes seeing what was going on in her life/ reading between the lines. I always thought that if we met on an airplane we would have so much fun taking. I've been know to go to Mardels and listen to all her old albums and read the album notes because it gave a little more insight into her life.
I was so saddened by her marriage break up and disappointed by her remarriage to Vince Gill. I kinda would like to know the whole story, wouldn't you?
I went to her last concert about 2 years ago here in Ft Worth at Bass Hall. Sorry you had to miss that one. She played a bunch of old songs and it was a treat. Vince was there and they did seem to really have a sweet relationship. I thought the concert was going to be what it seems the book is like-telling what was going on in her life when she wrote those songs.
You know she always seemed so real and down to earth despite her super stardom. I'd love to read her thoughts about songs she wrote. Even now when I hear her older songs it takes me back to where and when I was when they came out. I remember the first time I heard her on the radio, I thought Christian music had arrived and I was so proud for her

Courtney Critz

My memories of Amy Grant go back as far as I can remember. When my parents first returned to church when I was a baby, they went to church with the Bannister family. One Sunday, Brown brought "a brand new singer" to church with him. My mom described her as a shy, teenage girl. She was Amy and apparently played with me in the pews during church. My parents were horrified because I wouldn't stop crying that day. : ) Maybe I was just trying to sing to her!

One of her early concerts was my first concert, and I can probably sing every word to every one of her early songs. "Father's Eyes"

would have to be my favorite, though. I have always identified with God as Father in a special way because of the precious relationship He has given me with my earthly daddy. I remember being a tiny girl and wishing that someday someone would say those things about me as I tried to become more like my Heavenly Father. I identified with Amy so much in that song.

I also have many special memories with Amy's Christmas albums. They

come out every year the day after Thanksgiving and are my favorites!

I've sung those many times for Christmas events, and it's not Christmas until you hear "Breath of Heaven" and "Tennessee Christmas"

at least once!

Judy Vaughn

Kelly, my personal favorites by Amy are Breath of Heaven ( as illustrated by requesting Beth Plemmons to sing it at both yours and Randy's and Donny's and Kendra's Christmas weddings...which by the way if you can't get Amy...Beth is the next best thing! ) and El Shaddai because of the words AND sounds. Both are beautiful to me.

The other song of hers that made an impact on me was because of an experience I had in my classroom. I had a second grader (Keely) with emotional problems stemming from a turbulent family life with a nasty divorce going on. She reached out to me a lot and I grew really attached. During the last few days of school I allowed the children to bring music they wanted to hear from home. I got a real kick out of some of the things they brought including the Macarama (sp?) that we tried to dance to! My little friend, Keely, brought My Father's Eyes by Amy Grant. I could not believe she would even have it. She LOVED that album and the title song in particular. I am sure it gave her comfort.

Amy has no idea how her gift has touched so many people!

Holly Davis

Amy Grant has been one of my very favorites. When I was in Junior High, our Summer Intern, played the song, Thy Word during a Wednesday night lesson. I thought it was a beautiful song sung by someone with a beautiful clear voice. I remember going in his office after church and asking about the tape that was played. I can see it laying on his desk even now, Straight Ahead, the one with the stoplight on the cover. That was my first introduction to Amy Grant. I had the tape of my own the very next day. I remember my parents getting tickets and taking me to the Unguarded Concert in Dallas. I thought she was amazing. My parents also got me the life size cut out (I can't remember what they are really called) of Amy from the display at the Christian Bookstore. So I had a life size Amy Grant in a black dress holding a dozen roses in my room. I am pretty sure she is still with us in my parents basement. I read her book many years ago and was also a member of her Fan Club. That was way before websites so every 6-8 weeks I would get the paper newsletter in the mail to catch up on what was going on with her! I skipped out on my college graduation (for my masters, not undergrad) so I could go to her Christmas Concert in Detroit! When it comes to her music, it is hard to choose favorites, depends on what day! I guess I would have to say: My favorite song - Thy Word since that was the first one I heard. My favorite album is the album of Hymns she came out with a couple of years ago.

Jennifer Hagen

I have been a Texas girl almost all of my life and as most people know who are from Texas, snow is close to nonexistent at Christmas. When I heard “Tennessee Christmas” for the first time (my dad was a huge fan) I could see the snow lined rooftops and taste the snowflakes on my tongue. As I took Amy to Baylor with me in 1990, I have vivid memories of me and my roommates standing on our beds belting this song out at the top of our lungs! I adore this song and it is not Christmas for me unless I can listen to it time and time again with my three girls staring at me like a crazy woman!

The other precious memory I have has to do with her Legacy Album. I totally anticipated its release because I am an old time Baptist girl who loves her hymns. If I remember correctly, I was hugely pregnant (just a few days away from induction) with my second daughter when this was released. I thought it would be a great album to take with me to the hospital to listen to during my labor. I went from Walmart, to Target, then to another Walmart where I finally found it. I was so excited that it never left my cd player until we left for the hospital a few days later. I can see myself now sitting in my bed at Arlington Memorial Hospital weathering through some tough contractions listening to Amy’s sweet voice sing, “This is My Father’s World.” My favorite on the album though is “It is Well with My Soul.” What an anthem of praise as I awaited Katie’s birth! Amy Grant is a huge blessing in my life…I have never met her and frankly I think I have only heard her in concert once, a very long time ago. She has been a testament of faith and perseverance in her Christian walk as she has traveled down some very dark paths. I applaud her for being real in her new book and I can’t wait to read it!

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