Saturday, November 18, 2006

Back Together

The plane was 3 hours later than originally planned and 9 of 10 bags arrived. Because Randy was having to handle the paperwork for the missing bag, we did not even leave for the airport until 12:30 AM. When I arrived, he sent Tori and Timothy on out the door to meet me and we waited in the parking lot another 20 minutes until he was finished! Even so late, you can imagine there was alot of excitement and laughter, lots of love, hugs, and kisses! Reunion was so sweet! By the time everyone had a bath and was tucked in and finally quiet, it was 2:30. I was the only one that noticed. Obviously we took this picture with the self-timer! I think Jonathan and Lael are looking at each other like "What just happened here?"

We were up early this morning due to the internal clocks of J and L! We enjoyed breakfast together downstairs and this morning has really been a lot of fun. We are trying to gather our things and head to the beach for a couple of days to regroup as a family again. We will return to our home in Aplahoue on Tuesday evening.

Randy and I had a good meeting with the lawyer and his partner in the firm this morning as well. He wanted to introduce us to his partner, greet Randy after his trip, discuss with us all the steps that are ahead, especially regarding our personal presentation before the hearing on the 15th of December. We will be sharing our story in French of course, on that day.

A lot to look forward to!

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Donny said...

So glad all of you are back together!! We miss you here already but are excited see what the Lord has planned for you guys and Lael's adoption over these next few months. You all look great!! Love you so much!

Murray & Jaime said...

Welcome back together! I have LOVED reading about all your adventures in the States (and in Benin---Kelly, how did you kill that scorpion???) I have been a little sad knowing that you couldn't all be together during those special times but am rejoicing now that you are all back together and have a fun family trip scheduled!!

May God richly bless that time together!!

We love you guys!

vicki said...

so good to see you together again. Enjoy the beach and the joy of looking at one another face to face again...Love to all, Aunt VG

Anonymous said...

I am laughing at Jonathan and Lael looking at each other. They seriously look as if their territory has just been taken over!! They will not know what to do with all the action back in their little lives. Glad yall are back together again. Good-byes are hard, but I am sure it helped knowing mommy was waiting at home. We will miss having the Vaughn clan around. Last night Colby and Tyler spent the night. During their prayers Colby prayed for his cousins to be safe in the skys in the airplane. I think deep down him and Timo will miss each other. : )

Cheryl said...

Praise the Lord for safe travels and sweet reunions!

Chapman 6 said...

We are so glad you are reunited and safe together we love you all


Brooks Inc. said...

we sure miss you all! So great to see this pic of all of you together!

Benjamin said in the sweetest voice tonight while we were praying ..."where Randy? " I told him, He siad, "With Pelly?" I said yes, He responded with , "I wanna go to Benin Mommy."

I am so thankful for the past 6 weeks he had to bond with you all! The Lord has been so sweet!

Lov eyou=


Judy & Ronnie Vaughn said...

This is the reunion picture we have been anxious to see. Having most of you here was such a blessing and we will always remember some special times, but your sweet family needs to be together.

Hope the Casa stay was wonderful!

We love and miss you. Not too long now, though...thank you, Lord.